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Career Development Program

In partnership with Just Africa Scuba

This program offers a young person the opportunity to develop their Scuba Diving career, doing various courses including our special Life Skills Courses, and gaining practical work experience.

This program is about becoming a well rounded PADI instructor by expanding the skill set and competencies of students, improving their prospects of work and employment dramatically.

The PADI accredited course is recognized worldwide, after successfully completing these tertiary studies you will receive all the certificates you need to become a PADI Scuba Dive Instructor. This course will enable you to work in any scuba dive shop, dive centre or dive resort worldwide.

SCUBA Courses / PADI DM Course / PADI Instructors Development Course

EFR Instructors Course / Skippers License / Videography / Photography

Travel & Tourism / Retail / Customer Service / Marketing

Computer Literacy / Accounting Program

Various Life Skills Courses 

This Program


  • All courses mentioned below
  • All theory course material
  • 100 Dives
  • Certification fees for all courses


You will learn all the scuba dive courses, first aid and rescue skills, gear maintenance, retail and customer service, how to manage a dive centre and how to market your store. All of this is integrated with our special Life Skills Courses, promoting personal development.

PADI Dive Courses

EFR (Emergency First Response)

  • Emergency First Response Instructor
  • PADI O2 Provider



  • Underwater photography and video skills
  • Editing of images and footage


  • Language
  • Time Management & Productivity
  • Stress Management
  • Self-Awareness
  • Personal Growth
  • Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Growth Mindset


  • Gear maintenance
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Retail Experience
  • Customer Service
  • Basic Marketing
  • Online & Social Media Marketing
  • Computer Literacy
  • Accounting Program
  • Language & Communication


We do conservation work with the following organizations:


Every year we create a new dive tour to a different dive destination. Here are some of the possibilities:

Contact us for more info and enrolments

More Development Programs:

Life Skills Preparation Year
Skills Development Program

Is this Prep Year for you?

Not sure what you should do after matriculating? Are you interested in personal growth and understanding yourself better? Do you like challenging yourself and learning new things? If your answer is yes, then this preparation year is for you.

Prep Year Courses

What you can expect



You will be exposed to many kinds of job experience with the internships.


You will learn how to apply the life skills you’ve gained with fellow students and within the various internships.


You will be introduced to many different kinds of careers available, opening up your mind to new possibilities.


You will be learning and growing within a mentoring relationship.


The preparation year starts later in January and will officially end in the beginning of December. The Africa tour will then follow, reaching into the new year.


The preparation year is a full-time commitment. Terms will be the same as the school terms for the Western Cape.


Every term will be a new challenge with new courses that will be introduced. You will have assignments to do and books to read.


The Africa Tour and the Shark & Dive Tour are vital to the success of the prep year and students will be expected to attend them.

Frequently Asked Questions

about the Prep Year
What is the difference between a GAP Year and a PREPARATION Year?
When people hear GAP year, they usually conclude that you are taking a year off. A Preparation Year in contrast to this is a program designed to prepare students for their first year of higher education or finding a job.
Who should join this Prep Year?
This Preparation Year is for young people that are not sure what they want to do after matriculating as well as for those who want to gain experience doing various courses, tours, and volunteer work.
What work experience will I be exposed to?
You will get exposure and/or experience in the following areas: Marketing, retail, tourism, facilitating adventure activities, customer service, facilitating classes, working with children, managing people, marketing, etc...
Am I ready for a Prep Year?
The year will be what you make of it. We give as much as possible to each student, to give them the most opportunities to grow and learn, the rest is up to each student whether they seize these opportunities or not.

More FAQ's

Prep Year Internships

Gain work experience with various internships during your preparation year.

Prep year students will take part in our various internships, gaining valuable work experience.
Just Africa Life Skills Adventure Camps

Africa Tour for Prep Year Students

A formative tour for young adults to become more independent and learn a great deal of responsibility.

More about the Africa Tour

This tour is based on fundamental Christian beliefs, for the purpose of improving Bible knowledge & learning the basics of Christian work ethics.
Marius Wolfaardt
Marius Wolfaardt Director
AFRICA TOUR - Here's a short video of what Prep Year students can expect.

Shark & Dive Tour for Prep Year Students

Our Prep Year students and outside students that enrol for the Shark Life Conservation Course get the option to go on a shark dive trip to Aliwal Shoal just south of Durban.

Aliwal Shoal has diverse marine life including large predators and is popular as a recreational scuba diving destination. The Shoal is known especially for its abundance of Grey nurse sharks (known locally as ragged tooth sharks or "raggies").
After doing their Open Water Certification, our students have the option of going on a Scuba Dive trip to Sodwana Bay. Here's a short video of what to expect.

Sodwana Bay is located on the east coast of South Africa, in one of the most unique and unspoiled parts of the world.

Prep Jaar Rapporte

Ons Prep Jaar studente vertel van hulle ondervindinge by die Just Africa Life Skills voorbereidingsjaar.


This is what some of the Prep Year students and parents have to say.

Jaco is one of those typical young lads who were not sure what the future held for him and which path he was meant to take. We heard about Just Africa Life Skills from a friend who experienced the change they made in another student's life and knew that they would be able to provide the launch pad Jaco needed to set his future in motion.

Jaco started the year off as a shy young man who was very set in his ways and thoughts but wanting to improve himself. Throughout the year he was challenged in all aspects: Spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Marius and his team never left Jaco's side and helped him through each phase. Jaco ended the year as a young man who realized what type of relationship he should be having with his Creator, he is emotionally more mature, mentally knowing that his horizons are much broader than what he could imagine, physically having a better understanding of what his body is capable of and having a better understanding of himself. With the tools provided by Just Africa Life Skills, he was taught numerous life skills, the experiences changed his life and he has truly grown personally.
Sizaan Greyling
Sizaan Greyling Mother
We decided to send our daughter, Mari van Wyk to the prep year as she was not excactly sure what she want to do after finishing matric. We want her to become aware of how things work in the real world out there in a safe enviroment. We believe here at Just Life Skills, she will get perspective about her own future and she will find herself and strecth her own ablities. She is now learning working methods, time management and preparedness.

As a gap year student at Just Life Skills, she gets the chance to work with a lot of young people and that also means a lot of adventure most of the time. She is also experiencing a wide field of opertunities that is laying a basis to work from as she enters the adult world after this 1 year.

We thank Marius Wolfaart and the team for this great opportunity, and we believe Mari will gain a lot, attending this year with Just Life Skills.
Elaine van Wyk Mother
Ek as 'n voorbereidings jaar student van Just Africa Life Skills, kan eerste hands getuig hoe die groep se fasiliteerders soveel kinders se lewens aanraak. Die verskeie skole in die Helderberg area en die individu is so bevooreg om met JALS te kan werk.

Die afgelope maand het ek soveel van myself en die mense rondom my geleer. Ek sien uit om die res van die jaar verder te groei en te kan leer !!
Mari Van Wyk
Mari Van Wyk Prep Jaar Student

Skills Development Program

This program is a great add-on to our Preparation Year and gives young people the opportunity to get work experience in a safe environment while expanding their skillset and emotional intelligence.

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New item This Skills Development Program is a one-year commitment that aims to expand the knowledge and competencies of students improving their prospects of work and employment.
New item This year is about gaining practical work experience and personal development while holding a part-time job and/or part-time studies and being involved in various internships as well.

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