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PROMOTING HEALTHY DEVELOPMENT Life Skills Coaching, Prep-Year & Half Prep Program, Career Development
Group or individual classes dealing with stress, conflict, communication etc...
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Not sure what you should do after matriculating? Invest in yourself.
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This program offers a young person the opportunity to develop their PADI Scuba Diving career, doing various courses including our special Life Skills Courses, and gaining practical work experience.
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Prep Year
Take a Year to develop yourself on a personal, mental, physical and spiritual level. Gain experience doing various courses, tours, and volunteer work.

This year is jam-packed with amazing courses and experiences to help you Grow Personally and to Find your Passion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

about the Prep Year
What is the difference between a GAP Year and a PREPARATION Year?
When people hear GAP year, they usually conclude that you are taking a year off. A Preparation Year in contrast to this is a program designed to prepare students for their first year of higher education or finding a job.
Who should join this Prep Year?
This Preparation Year is for young people that are not sure what they want to do after matriculating as well as for those who want to gain experience doing various courses, tours, and volunteer work.
What work experience will I be exposed to?
You will get exposure and/or experience in the following areas: Marketing, retail, tourism, facilitating adventure activities, customer service, facilitating classes, working with children, managing people, marketing, etc...
Am I ready for a Prep Year?
The year will be what you make of it. We give as much as possible to each student, to give them the most opportunities to grow and learn, the rest is up to each student whether they seize these opportunities or not.

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Other Programs Available

Skills Development Program

Skills Development Program

This program is a great add-on to our Preparation Year and gives young people the opportunity to get work experience in a safe environment while expanding their skillset and emotional intelligence.

This year is about gaining practical work experience and personal development while holding a part-time job and/or part-time studies and being involved in various internships as well.

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Career Development Program

Career Development Program

This program offers a young person the opportunity to develop their PADI Scuba Diving career, doing various courses including our special Life Skills Courses, and gaining practical work experience.

This program is about becoming a well rounded PADI instructor by expanding the skill set and competencies of students, improving their prospects of work and employment dramatically.

The PADI accredited course is recognized worldwide, after successfully completing these tertiary studies you will receive all the certificates you need to become a PADI Scuba Dive Instructor.

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How we started doing what we do

How we started doing what we do

Life Skills was started by Marius and Madelein Wolfaardt, we have been working with youth and children since 2004. We both are attuned to recognizing the potential in people and find it immensely rewarding to assist people on their walk of life, at whatever stage they might be. Learning life skills is not necessarily for people who have problems but it is beneficial to any person who wishes to improve their lives by doing worthwhile things, overcome challenges or get some guidance on their path of personal growth.


Why Life Skills?

Why Life Skills?

The development of life skills helps us to find new ways of thinking and solving problems.

In a constantly changing environment, having life skills is an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life. We help people tap into their full potential and define/achieve their goals for who they want to be and what they want to do.

The Life Skills & Coaching Programs is designed to encourage personal development in children, adolescents and adults and at the same time providing an outlet for stress; learning responsibility and the necessary skills to be successful individuals.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2022 Life Skills Blog 138
20-Something Struggles Your twenties can be the most challenging years of your life. It can also be the most enjoyable time in your life journey. Being independent, choosing a career, discovering who you are and where you fit in in this world. Having a social life, figuring out how to budget. Trying not to disappoint your parents, mentors or yourself. And be happy at the same time. Let me put you at ease. Nobody has everything under control in their twenties.
Saturday, March 26, 2022 Life Skills Blog 326
Priorities, it’s Obvious but not Easy We need to do whatever it takes to be truly content and enjoy our lives. Prioritizing my Future-self This year I have made a major mind shift on priorities. I used to prioritize things like work, studies and courses, and my photography. This means that I would put most of my energy and focus on these aspects of my life, but slack in things like health, mental health, and fitness. I didn’t ignore them and they were important to me; I just wasn’t paying as much attention. I am a tremendously conscientious person who takes my duties very seriously, too seriously sometimes. So, when I set out my crammed schedule, things like exercise and preparing healthy meals flew out the window first.
Wednesday, January 05, 2022 Life Skills Blog 256
How Not to Let Emotions Rule Your Life Emotions are something that we’re all born with. Some of us, however, may experience a greater array of them throughout the day and base more of our decisions on how we feel. Maybe you’re one of those people and maybe this is something that you would like to change. Or maybe you realize that you base most of your decisions on how you feel but don’t really see why this could be a problem. Let’s start off with the results of allowing your emotions to rule your life.


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