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Group or individual classes dealing with stress, conflict, communication etc...
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Not sure what you should do after matriculating?
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The idea of challenging yourself is one of the pillars of personal development. By challenging yourself, you grow as a person and you learn to trust yourself more.
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Individual or group sport coaching and skills training.
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Skills Development Program

Skills Development Program

This program is a great add-on to our Preparation Year and gives prep year graduates the opportunity to get work experience in a safe environment while expanding their skillset and emotional intelligence.

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This Skills Development Program is a one-year commitment that aims to expand the knowledge and competencies of students improving their prospects of work and employment.
This year is about gaining practical work experience and personal development while holding a part-time job and/or part-time studies and being involved in various internships as well.

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Prep Year

The Preparation Year can be viewed as a formative year for young adults to become independent and learn a great deal of responsibility prior to engaging in University life. The prep year is built on Fundamental Biblical Truths and Christian Beliefs.
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Prep Year info

Download a printable pdf document with more information on the Just Africa Life Skills Preparation year.
How we started doing what we do

How we started doing what we do

Life Skills was started by Marius and Madelein Wolfaardt who have been working with youth and children since 2004. We realized that there are big gaps for kids to breach while growing up, moving from primary to high school and from high school to university/ college or getting a job. These changes can be daunting to a child or teenager and the choices they make in these critical phases of their lives, shape their future. The importance of teaching kids and teens life skills have grown exponentially and as times change, we need to change along with it. Now, more than ever, we see the big need for emotional intelligence and coaching people towards personal development.

This is ultimately our goal, to help people move their personal stumbling blocks out of the way, whatever it may be, to enable them to grow personally and live a fulfilling life in their full potential.

Why Life Skills?

The development of life skills helps us to find new ways of thinking and solving problems.

In a constantly changing environment, having life skills is an essential part of being able to meet the challenges of everyday life. We help people tap into their full potential and define/achieve their goals for who they want to be and what they want to do.

More about Life Skills

Course Implementation
The sky is the limit!

Course Implementation

These courses make great topics for leadership or school camps or any teambuilding activities, life skills day camps or weekend getaways for corporate groups or couples. The courses can be presented on a weekly basis for a set time or condensed into a one-day course. It is designed to be flexible.

Available Courses

Who can join?
This is for everyone.

Who can join?

Families, couples, children, schools, teams, employees and individuals.

Any person who wishes to improve their lives by doing challenging or worthwhile things will benefit from these courses. Anybody who is interested in personal development, overcoming difficulties or improving relationships.
Course Presentation
Insightful & Fun

Course Presentation

The presentation of the courses is designed to be insightful and fun, making the process of exploring these topics interesting, taking you on a journey to open your mind to new ideas and possibilities. This process can include demonstrations, activities, questionnaires, games, tasks etcetera, making the courses interactive and enjoyable.

Life Skills Coaching


* Primary Care (CPR)
* Secondary Care (first aid)
* Care for Children
* Refresher

All courses are supported by self-study manuals, videos and quick reference cards to enhance learning and allow you to start learning right away.

EFR courses meet the CPR and first aid training requirements for all professional-level ratings.

Sport Skills Training

Give kids the confidence to participate in different physical activities and sports, by focusing on problem areas and specific skills training in their chosen sport.

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